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A Step-by-step Guide for Buying $PIKA

3 min readMar 5, 2021

Welcome to the Pikaverse! We have included a guide to setting up Binance Smart Chain for everyone who are new. BSC offers ultra fast transactions at minimal cost, creating an inclusive financial environment where everyone can participate. The 2 most popular ways of accessing BSC are Metamask and Trustwallet. Please choose one of these options and follow the guide below to get started. If you already mastered trading and swapping $PIKA, check out our guide on farming here. See you on the other side!


  • Go to https://chainlist.org/
  • Click “Connect Wallet” on top right corner
  • Find Binance Smart Chain Mainnet
  • Click “Add to Metamask
  • Click “Approve” on the first Metamask popup
  • Click “Switch Network” on the second Metamask popup
  • Your Metamask is now compatible with Binance Smart Chain
  • Enter the official PIKA token address
  • Select PIKA token as one of the trading pairs
  • Click on “Swap” and then “Confirm Swap
  • Wait for the transaction to process and you should receive PIKA
  • If an error occurs during swap, click the Gear icon on the top right corner.
  • Then adjust the “Slippage Tolerance” to a number between 2–5%
  • Go back to the swap screen and try swapping again


  • Download and install Trust Wallet on Android or iOS
  • Fund your wallet with Binance Coin (BNB) with another source
  • You can also buy directly within the app
  • Use the built in exchange to swap BNB for Smart Chain BNB
  • Use the built in browser and open Pancakeswap
  • For iOS users, open Safari and type “trust://browser_enable
  • Click “Connect” and select “Trustwallet
  • Under “Exchange”, choose your BNB tokens in the “From” section
  • In the “To” section, tap the currency button, paste the $PIKA contract address (0x50d370cc853217099bef3815faabfc563139ec2a), and click “add/import
  • Enter the amount you would like to swap, tap “Approve”, and “Swap” to get your $PIKA tokens

Token Bridge

*Coming Soon.

Congratulations on learning how to buy $PIKA tokens! Now click here and let’s learn about how you can put your tokens to work and earn yield with farming!

⭐️BSC Contract Addresses⭐️

$PIKA: 0x50d370cc853217099bef3815faabfc563139ec2a

$CANDY: 0x1963E04a845213d005cDf0e22a39F85BD5941390

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