🏆Farming Contest🏆

  1. Join our Discord and Telegram to participate. https://discord.gg/gQaYv28Mxu
  2. Provide at least 1000 $PIKA of liquidity in either PIKA-BNB or PIKA-BUSD pools.
  3. Stake the LP tokens into farms on https://pikafinance.io and receive over 1200% APY (at the time of writing).
  4. Hold your positions for snapshots to be taken, until the contest ends on March 25th, 2021.
  5. (optional) Share on Twitter and tag @pikafinance to get an extra 500 $PIKA tokens.
  6. Fill out the airdrop form https://forms.gle/6v2HANV4rBTzJM7k8 .



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