Pika Finance ⚡ Unicrypt

Funds are SAFU

Mar 10, 2021

Thank you for your patience! Our team is proud to inform everyone that we have successfully taken the necessary actions to ensure the safety of the Pika community. Unicrypt has helped us lock up liquidity tokens in their liquidity lock. We have also renounced the ownership of the Pika token contract to show the Pika army our integrity for the project. This guarantees that no one will ever be able to mint Pika tokens again. Finally, we have locked up team tokens to ensure our team is motivated for the long run. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon!

Liquidity Locked:

Ownership Renounced:

Team Tokens Locked:

⭐️BSC Contract Addresses⭐️

$PIKA: 0x50d370cc853217099bef3815faabfc563139ec2a

$CANDY: 0x1963E04a845213d005cDf0e22a39F85BD5941390

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