Fair Distribution for the Community

  • Pokemon Day Burn: 50,000,000 PIKA
  • New Max supply: 50,000,000 PIKA (Supply is burned over time)
  • Initial Liquidity: 2,500,000 PIKA (5%)
  • Community Incentives: 30,000,000 (60%)
  • Marketing & Operations: 10,000,000 (20%)
  • Team: 7,500,000 (15%)

Initial Liquidity

The Pika team will bootstrap initial liquidity collectively with our own money without any external source of funding. To ensure a fair launch of the project and equal opportunity for the community, there will be no presale and PIKA token will be listed directly on DEXs.

Community Incentives

The largest portion of PIKA tokens are allocated for the community and will be distributed over time in the following ways.

Marketing & Operations

Marketing by itself is a huge component to a crypto project’s success and we believe there should be a decent amount allocated towards it. This mainly includes paying for social shills, partnerships, and cross promotions. Another chunk of the budget will be used for everyday operations, which is general development and maintenance of the Pika Finance platform.


To ensure the longevity and scalability of any project, proper team token allocation is needed. This portion of the funds will keep the Pika team motivated and working harder than ever to deliver great products for the community. Long live the Pika army!

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