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Into the Memeverse Winners List:

Congratulations @rgrb_10 for winning the meme contest! https://twitter.com/rgrb_10/status/1422685915382747137?s=20

Thank you everyone for participating in the Into the Memeverse event! Please check the list above to see if you’re a winner and also check your wallets shortly for the airdropped tokens. For this week’s event, participants must hold 500 $PIKA in their wallet until the contest ends August 20, 2021. A total of 10 participants will have a chance to win 100 $CANDY, another 10 participants will have a chance to win 100 $PIKA and 1 lucky participant will win a Pika’s Fortune community NFT! Contest ends August 20, 2021.

Here are the rules & requirements:

  1. Join our Discord and Telegram to participate. https://discord.gg/gQaYv28Mxu
  2. Share the pinned Twitter post with tags @pikafinance $PIKA and tag 3 friends.
  3. Hold 500 $PIKA in wallet until August 20, 2021.
  4. Fill out the contest form https://forms.gle/NiukwT9RhWzMEsmPA.
  5. (optional) Send 1 $PIKA to 1 friend. One lucky winner will receive a Pika’s Fortune community NFT.

⭐️Contract Addresses⭐️

ETH $PIKA: 0xf9027c902095e5f5c038c256579ca433c4dbdc96

BSC $PIKA: 0x50d370cc853217099bef3815faabfc563139ec2a

BSC $CANDY: 0x1963E04a845213d005cDf0e22a39F85BD5941390

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